Friday, March 6, 2015


There is a featured app on Apple app store, though available on android, called PushBullet.  The unique part of this app is the cross operating system compatibility.  You can receive notifications and send files between all devices with the app.  For instance, I can send files from my Galaxy phone to my MacBook or IPad seamlessly.   You can also see phone notifications on other devices while away.

I find this convenient because I use Galaxy phones and Apple products elsewhere.  I can share photos or memos, see what is incoming on other accounts, and and stay up to date on all devices. 

It has a windows version as well, so you folks who are scared of other formats are safe too.  One caution, know that if you are using the app in a public display or presentation machine, a pop up from other accounts, including emails or calls, can show up.  Be sure to check and understand your settings. 

In all, I enjoy the flexibility of what is essentially a version of Mac Air Drop between platforms.  Try it and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Put it in writing

Blogger is now so integrated into the google format that every teacher or communicator can use it. With the ability to post remotely from devices and the addition of multiple blog management the Blogger application has gone to a new level.  We are always telling students the need to write, but often we do not take the time to meaningfully write for ourselves.  Here is a great note: you do not have to make it visible!  If you are just writing for you, you can keep it that way.  Save it as a draft forever or until you want to refine and post your thoughts.  It is a healthy habit, and you never know who will read and connect with your thoughts.  I hear people regularly talking about a blog post they read that made them think.  Isn't that the goal?  Make them think by thinking yourself!  Your thoughts are just as worthy to be written as the next guy, and now you can do it from anywhere.  If you do your best thinking in the solace of the wilderness, so be it.

Another tip: when you have the idea for a post, log in and at least put the title and your items or points so that you can access them later.  Again, you do not have to publish everything that you write.  Use it as a prep tool for the great ideas at the moment you have them!